Anthony and Racing climbed to 4th in the BSB 125GP Championship

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Young-gun American, Anthony Alonso, climbed to 4th place in the highly competitive BSB 125GP Championship standings aboard his racing SP125 Honda at Snetterton this past weekend.

The American, having never been to the technical track, struggled on Friday to come to grips with the layout. But as the weekend progressed he continued to make strides towards the pointy-end of the field. “Friday was very tough for me. In the morning I had to break-in a piston, so I spent most of the time just riding around. But I guess that was ok, since I didn’t really know where I was going” said Alonso.

Come raceday, Anthony’s knowledge of the track was coming together and he set the 3rd-fastest time in morning warm-up. Anthony continued “By Sunday I was feeling more comfortable with the track. Morning warm-up was not too bad. The track was a little slippery, but very manageable. Our race was at 2:50pm and I was ready. I have struggled in the past with starts, so my team and I have been working on those. As the lights went out, I got one of the better starts I’ve gotten and I got going well. Everybody bunched up into T1 and I thought I’d go around the outside. Unfortunately my teammate thought the same thing and we both ended up running too wide and lost a few positions”.

“Anyway, I stayed focused and hung on to group 3. That group had very fast bikes, I kept losing time on straight. The track is split up into 3 sections, and I was around 4 mph slower in each. So I had to push hard in braking to make up the time. Well, eventually that caught up to me and I began to run wide. I settled down and put my best lap of the race on the final lap, without a tow. So I was very proud of that. Knockhill is in one week. It’s another new track, but I’m up for the challenge. I would like to thank my team for doing another great job, Steve and Kevin. And it was awesome to have one of my sponsors watch me ride, Iain Hutton.” concluded Anthony.

Sponsored by racing, and supported by Evolution Motorcycles, Arai, Iain Hutton Race Consultant,, Road Racing World, Helimot Leathers and Duncan Macmillan, Anthony is based out of Barcelona, Spain and his goal is to break the Spanish-stronghold in Moto3/125GP Racing. Follow him at


Anthony and Racing finish strong at Oulton Park

Even with a broken finger and a bad start, rider, Anthony Alonso, was able to push through the pain and finish his highest-yet position in the ultra-competitive Motul Motostart BSB Championship.

With the main event of the weekend taking place on Monday, during the UK’s bank holiday, Saturday saw Anthony continuing to learn Oulton Park. First practice went well, with Anthony sitting well in the top-10 positions.

Unfortunately, second practice would not go as well. During the second half of the session, a fellow rider high-sided immediately in front of Anthony and he had to make the quick decision of running him over or crashing himself. “I could see he was about to crash, he came in too fast and started sliding. I was already thinking I better around him… then suddenly he high-sided. I tried to get out of the way but his bike was sliding on one side blocking me and he was right in front of my path. My only option was to low-side the bike and crash so I would not run him over” said Anthony.
Anthony continued “thanks to my SaferMoto vest, I barely touched my Arai helmet, just a tiny scratch, and everything was fine… well, except for my fingers. They were in a lot of pain”. Immediately after the incident Anthony was brought to the medical center for a check-up, where it was discovered he had heavily bruised his right ring-finger and broken his right pinky. Unfortunate, since Anthony uses all 4 fingers for braking.

Sunday activities started late at Oulton Park, with QP1 taking place at 1pm and QP2 taking place at 6pm. Anthony had to get medically-cleared in order to ride, and after a few exercises and “grabbing” tests he was given the green-light. “I was so happy to be able to ride, but after that I was trying to figure out if my fingers would be able to fit into the glove, since they were so swollen” said Anthony. IMAG1376
QP1 saw Anthony finish the 4th-fastest 125 and about 2.5 seconds off pole, set by a KTM Moto3. “I knew that I could close the gap farther. Those Moto3s are fast, very fast, specially on exit and on top-speed. They go past you like you are standing still. You have to be very quick on the 125s to keep the gap” explained Anthony.

Anthony went even faster in QP2, a full second faster, and placed himself in the 3rd row of the main event. Anthony went on to say “I know I could have gone a little bit faster. I know it. But towards the end of the session I got caught up behind a couple of Moto3 bikes and even though I was faster I just could not get rid of them in time. By the time I was finally away, it was too late. When I got to parc ferme I realized my finger was hurting a lot. I began to worry about the race. My dad got my an ice pack and that helped with the swelling”

Race day went on without major incidents and the Motul MotoStar Championship race started on time, at 2:55pm with a 14-lap main event. Anthony got a bad start and it saw him go from 9th place to 20th by the time he reached turn 2. “I got a horrible start. That’s all I can say. But I knew that was the past, and now I needed to focus on making up places as quickly as possible. I pushed hard to get around riders. At one point I passed like 3 or 4 on the outside. I was just going as fast as I could. For like 3 laps I kept pushing, but I ran out of brakes into the Hizzy Chicane. I was drafting someone and when I arrived at the corner I was going much faster than I expected. I decided to go through the barriers, rather than trying to make the corner and risk low-siding”. Anthony continued “when that happened I ended up at the back of the 3rd group. I had to start again. I got into a couple of good fights with other riders, it was fun. At the end I was able to get around the entire 3rd group and led them to finish 4th in the 125GP race and 6th overall. I want to thank everyone for their help getting me here. Without Racing, Evolution Motorcycles, Iain Hutton, Arai, RoadRacing World, Helimot and I would not even be here. Obviously, I also want to give special thanks to Kevin and Steve for fixing my bike after the crash. Snetterton is in a few weeks and I cannot wait.” concluded Anthony.

Excellent P4, even after a bad start

Though Anthony had a bad start in the race, he rode hard to claim his best-ever BSB finish with a strong 4th position. At the start, Anthony lost several positions, but fought courageously with the 3rd group of the race.

Pushing hard and under nagging pain from his broken finger, Anthony made a mistake braking into the Hizzy Chicane and had to wait for the group to go ahead of him in order to re-join the race. Anthony put on a great show as he got around 3 riders going into T2 and continued to make passes throughout the various corners of the track.

At the end of the 14-lap main event, Anthony finished 4th in the 125 class, his highest-yet finish in the BSB class.

BSB takes a 5 week break before the next round at Snetterton in June.

QP went very well

Anthony qualified the 6th fastest 125 (9th overall) and will be starting from the third row of the grid.

He was very happy to have improved from free practice to QP1 to QP2.

Here are some nice photos from one of the fastest part the track.



Good news… not-so-good news…

In the second practice session Anthony was running a good pace and learning the track more and more. He was with a fast group, when a rider right in front of him high-sided. The rider landed on Anthony’s path. Anthony’s only options were; run the rider over, or crash himself to avoid him. Anthony did the right thing and crashed himself.

Fortunately, for the downed-rider, Anthony avoided him, unfortunately for Anthony, it meant an early end to his session, broken fairings, bent aluminum bits, and a broken finger. Anthony uses all 4 of his fingers in braking.

On Sunday, they are doing a medical check to make sure he can hold on properly to the bike, right before QP1 at 1pm, followed by QP2 at 6pm.

We’ll keep you all posted.