Selling our 4×6 Trailer

We are selling a Pace American 4 x 6 Enclosed trailer. We used it for motorcycle racing for the past 2 years. It’s been setup with six hooks, one at each corner and two in the middle.

With this setup, we could transport two mini bikes (NSRs) and all of their gear, or one RS125GP and all of its gear (that bike requires lots of spares). We also transported two dirt bikes, a KTM65 and a CR85 with gear.

In general, it’s a great all-around trailer. The trailer is very light and can be moved very easily. Normally we use our Honda Civic to pull it and we have no issues at all. I’ve included many photos of the trailer so that I don’t waste people’s time. The offical specs of the trailer are here

There are two things which should be noted, a small dent on the right corner of the roof, and a small dent on the right-fender. Neither causes problems (no leaks from the roof, and no tire/wheel issues from the fender). I photographed both issues to give you perspective. If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to email me, I will reply

We have it posted on Craigslist for $1000 OBO. You can see ALL images in high-resolution here:

Tough weekend at Las Vegas

Round #2 of the WERA West Series took place this past weekend in Las Vegas. We were very excited because finally we’d be able to tryout the new Pirelli Diablo Superbike Moto3 Tires. We also had two new sets of body work painted by MotoGloss and decal’d by ACE Graphics.

The weekend before, Anthony had tried them on his RS92 minibike at Infineon’s kart track and they had been great, but the real test would be at the big track. We left for Las Vegas mid Thursday afternoon to try to make up time before Friday’s practice. We arrived at the track on Friday morning around 6am (I stopped to rest). Anthony was in the C-group and his session was at the :40 minute-mark.

The first session was a little slow. There were a bunch of new people trying to figure out the track and Anthony never got a real-clean lap. He got frustrated and tried to make the best of the session by going fast on the cool-off lap; that was his mistake. On the exit of T5, the fastest corner of the track, he lost the front and crashed at around 90mph.

I knew it was bad when I saw the bike cart-wheeling through the gravel and Anthony didn’t just jump back up. I rode as fast as I could to the scene and by the time I got to the edge of the track, Anthony seemed disoriented. The crash-truck finally came around and brought him and bike to our pits.

Anthony was OK. Thanks to his Suomy helmet and air vest, he was fine. Except for a half-inch hole on his left elbow. For that, Anthony and Mommy went to the paramedic. He said the elbow didn’t appear to be broken and patched him up. In the meantime I got to work on the bike. The bike was pretty bad; fairings were destroyed (all of them), pegs broken off, levers bent, the front-wheel had a small piece missing, the radiator was bent, instrument dash support was bent and the panel had a cracked dash-glass, all fairing stays were either bent or broken and the front-brake reservoir was missing.

We had spares for everything except the brake reservoir. Thankfully, the Heeney’s and Roberts’ had spares and they were kind-enough to let us use them. It took me a few hours to get the bike together. Anthony was able to get back on the track around 1pm and rode for the rest of the day.

Saturday morning Anthony woke up and could not move his elbow. He was in a lot of pain. At that moment I realized he may have had a fractured elbow. Thankfully, our friends, the Kyee’s, had a vehicle for us to use. Mommy and Anthony went to the hospital for x-rays and we cancelled Saturday’s riding. Both were gone for a few hours. In the meantime I worked on the bike and got it ready for Sunday’s races. I figured my job, until we knew the extend of the injury, or Anthony decided to NOT race, was to have a “race-ready” bike for him to use.

Mommy and Anthony returned early afternoon and the results were positive. The x-rays showed no broken bones, but a real bad muscle contusion. Before they had left to the hospital, Brian Bartlow, a fellow racer and paramedic told us to get a hold of the x-rays. He said ER Doctors are very busy and only have time to look for the obvious.

I forwarded the x-rays to our friend Jim Doyle who in turned forwarded them to his friend, Dr. Ting. Late in the afternoon I got an urgent call from Jim. He needed me to contact Dr. Ting as soon as possible. Dr. Ting believed there was a small fracture, which the Doctors had missed because they had only x-ray’d one arm and didn’t have the second-arm for comparison. He told us that if he was going to race on Sunday, we needed to get him off the sling, which had his arm at 90 degrees, and into a more “normal riding” position and that he needed REST. A LOT OF REST. This meant Anthony’s Saturday night posse hang-out was out of the question and he needed to be in bed by 8:30pm.

Sunday he woke up the same as Saturday. He could not move his arm and had little “power”. We did a bunch of stretching exercises and that helped with his range of motion, but still had little power. He was having a hard time pulling the clutch. I changed the lever with a short-pull lever, which made it easier for him to pull it it. But it also meant he was unfamiliar with the feel of the clutch.

Anthony had to break-in a new piston, which meant he needed to go slow. This was also a test to see if he could ride. He rode around slower than usual and came in complaining of the bike sputtering at 9k and not able to rev higher. I quickly replaced the spark-plug, which had fouled itself. I suppose Anthony was riding so slow, that he didn’t “clean-up” the spark-plug. Though we quickly found the problem, it also meant we lost precious track time.

Practice was over and now it was time to race. Anthony’s races were 10th and 15th. WERA runs really well and they took around 1 hour for every 5 races. Anthony was up at 1pm. The first race was the 125GP race. MotoGP Rookies Cup Winner, Joe Roberts, was there to get ready for the 2012 season and Anthony really wanted to race him. Joe is very fast and we knew that with Anthony in pain, it was VERY IMPORTANT to get a good start and try to hang with Joe as much as possible.

Anthony was on pole for the race, and Joe in the second row. Anthony got a good start and was in P2 into T1, behind Joe. Anthony chased Joe until T5, the same corner where he had crashed and passed him on the inside. He ran wide on the exit and Joe re-took the position into T6. From there, Anthony did his best to stay with him. Joe was riding well and was riding around half-a-second faster per lap. They crossed the line 1-2 with a 3-second gap. The good news were that Anthony was hungry.

Race #2 was the Formula 2 Expert class. This class allows pretty much anything slower than 650 twins. There were two very good SV riders there and just like in race #1, it was important to get a good start.

Unfortunately, as Anthony mounted for the race, he hit his his injured elbow and it sent a sharp pain up and down his arm. He said he lost sensation on his hand and when the race started he was not able to release the clutch correctly. He went from P2 at the line to last place into T1. He did his best to get through traffic, but the SV riders were GONE.

The good news (for us) were that Joe had also gotten a bad start and was within visible range. Anthony did his best to close the gap and though both of them crossed the line with a 3-second gap again, this time Anthony was only one-tenth slower per lap with a 1:24.2 vs 1:24.1. Anthony finished the race 4th but disappointed. He knew he could have done better had he been able to launch the bike correctly.

We ended up leaving Las Vegas with a 2nd and 4th place, a damaged elbow, a bunch of broken pieces and knowing that Anthony had toughened it out.

Here are some sweet photos I took Friday morning. Note most of the decals are custom. ACE Graphics and MotoGloss ROCK.




The new Pirellis are GOOD… REAL GOOD

Anthony spent today at Infineon testing the new Pirelli Diablo Superbike Moto3 tires. The tires worked great. We started with the same tire pressure as we did on Dunlops. Anthony spent the first two sessions getting reacquainted with the track.

It took him only to sessions to go as fast as he’d gone before, and by the end of the day he was going almost 2 full seconds faster.

Keep in mind this was at a Kart track, so we cannot make too many conclusions from this, but so far the tires are very promising.

He’ll be trying them out on Friday at LVMS in preparation for WERA West Round 2.

New Helmets from Suomy are here…

Anthony’s 2012 Suomy helmets arrived today. They are AWESOME. Thanks to support from Suomy America, Anthony got two Apex helmets, the absolutely-lightest full-face helmets in the market, and one dirt-bike helmet.

Anthony chose white, because he wants to create his own design. We’ll see what he comes up with. Regardless of the final design, he’ll have best helmet protecting his head.

The dirt-helmet, on the other hand, has a cool set of skulls on it. He’s really excited about that helmet too.