Wow… this bike is pretty light

Anthony helped me take the RS125 apart last night to get it cleaned up. We had a pretty tough weekend and there was much cleaning to do.

To my surprise, Anthony took MUCH of the bike apart before I got home; wheels, bodywork, drained radiator and forks. All he needed my help was to remove the engine and swing arm. Needless to say, I was very impressed.

Anyway, after the bike was apart Anthony picked up the frame and realized… wow, this bike is pretty light.

The 2012 WERA West Schedule is out

The 2012 WERA West Schedule has been finalized and the events will start on

  • January 8th with Fastrack Riders on the 7th at Autoclub Speedway;
  • February 11/12 a double header sprint weekend at Las Vegas Classic Course
  • April 7/8 Practice and Solo races Saturday and Sportsman Sprints Sunday at Las Vegas Classic Course;
  • May 19/20 will find the National Endurance on Saturday and Sportsman and National Sprints on Sunday at Miller Motorsports Park;
  • July 8th Sportsman Sprints at Buttonwillow Raceway with Fastrack Riders on the 7th;
  • September 23rd Sportsman Sprints at Autoclub with Fastrack Riders on September 22nd
  • Double header at Las Vegas Classic Course on November 3rd and 4th!


The 2011 season is over… and 2012 has already began

Although the 2011 season is done, we are already beginning work for the 2012 season. Training is very important and we recently acquired an RS92. It’s basically an RS125, with a 92cc engine. The chassis is the same as his RS125, which means riding position, style and parts should all be the same.

Riding and racing the RS125 is very expensive. Part of the expense is track-time, but the biggest chunk of the expense is parts. For this reason we are very excited that Anthony will be able to train on a “similar” bike that is much more “cost-friendly”.