Back from Laguna Seca and Thunderhill

We had one of the best weekends we’ve ever had in a long time. It was an epic 5-day weekend which started on Thursday on our way to Laguna and ended on Monday at Thunderhill.

On Thursday, Anthony and I left to Laguna Seca and did our annual autograph hunt (well, he did the hunt, I followed). Every year we get him a new hat and he does his best to fill it with autographs. It’s always fun and relaxing.

On Friday, Mom and Sister arrived at the track right after MotoGP practice 1. We strolled around the track and went over to watch practice 2 from the main straight. WOW, those things are LOUD (even with ear plugs). Saturday went pretty much the same, but we got to watch a friend from minis, Benny Solis, dominate the super sport race. It was nice to see him do well.

Sunday was the big show and we were ready to take it all in. But, we also needed to drive up to Thunderhill after the race so our plan was to watch warm up and Daytona sport

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bike, have lunch and get “ready to leave”, watch the MotoGP race, RUN to the RV and drive to Thunderhill. Our plan worked perfectly. Like in the Super Sport race, another mini-friend, Cameron Beaubier, KICKED Butt. The MotoGP race was one of
the best of the season. We beat the traffic out of the track and made it to Thunderhill by 9:00pm. Not bad, huh?

Thunderhill went really well. We needed to break-in the engine in the first session (the first rebuild I do on my own) and take it easy.

One of our long-time sponsors, Rob Sissons from Evolution Motorcycles, came to the trackday with us and spent a lot of time debriefing Anthony after every session. We’ve not been very good at this in the past and it was good to have someone different than “Dad” talk to Anthony about things he should be feeling.

Thank you for your support, see you at the track.

The RS125 engine rebuild is complete

For the first time-ever, I completely rebuilt Anthony’s RS125 engine. In the past I’ve either gotten LOTS of help from Roland, or he’s done it himself. But this time I did most of the work myself. This included separating cases, removing bearings and replacing everything.

I completed the rebuild about a week ago, but I had been busy with other stuff to get it installed and started. Yesterday we cranked it and it STARTED. I was so relieved and happy.

I had been having nightmares that it would not even start… scary stuff.

Let’s hope it runs as reliably as the other have.

Practice at Atwater

Last corner

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Went to practice at Atwater on Saturday

This past Saturday, we went to practice at Atwater. It was practice day for the NCMiniGP race there on Sunday and we decided to go and hang out with friends.

It was hot, but most definitely pleasant. Anthony likes the place and he was trying to break his lap record. The last time we were there, about 2 weeks ago, he got within 2 tenths of a second. He could consistent times, but always 2 tenths outside of his fastest-ever time.

This time he was on a mission and wanted to go as fast as he could. I too wanted to break the time and focused on tuning the bike as well as we could. The biggest challenge is the layout of the track. It appears to have a pretty long straight, but it’s really not. We played with jetting and gearing and voila, Anthony was able to break his old lap-record by 1 tenth.

Laguna Seca is in less than two weeks, we can’t wait to go.