How to make a 13 year old very happy…

Anthony’s 13th birthday is this weekend. We had been thinking about what to get him for the past month and we were running out of ideas.

So we asked him what he wanted. His list included:

  • Origami books
  • Chess strategy books
  • An RC car (gas-powered)
  • A cell phone

Since he doesn’t have a gaming console, video games were out (thank god). A cellphone we’re not sure he’s ready for. An RC car, he’s got one. Yes, it might not be gas-powered but he seldom uses it. Which means the gas-powered RC car would get similar usage.

This left the books as an option. But those my Mom already had covered. So we decided to get him a bicycle. He had been asking for one for a long time, but we never got around to getting him one.

Yesterday I picked one up from CraigsList and we gave it to him as an early present. You cannot believe how happy and excited he was to get it. The last time I saw him this excited was when he got his RS125. But come on, one is a GP bike and the other is a… well… a bicycle.

It’s funny to see him this excited. We were glad to see him this happy about his gift. We were really running out of ideas… getting him a phone actually crossed my mind. I’m glad I’ll be able to push that one more year.

Round 2 of the WERA West series is complete and Anthony visited the 125GP podium again

This past weekend, the second round of the WERA West series took place in Las Vegas. We had planned to take part in the track day on Friday to give Anthony some track time, but we were denied because of his age.

We arrived at the track on Friday evening and setup camp. Saturday started off nice. There were no clouds and we could actually feel the warmth of the sun (something I’m sure we’ll curse in the summer months).

Saturday he only got two morning practices, which started at 8:30am. Each practice was of ten minutes and yielded 6 laps each. In the afternoon we entered Anthony into the lightweight solo20 race to give him some extra tack time. Sadly, there was a red-flag with 5 laps to go and even that ended prematurely.

Anyway, I tore down the bike as usual and made sure it was ready for Sunday. Sunday started like Saturday, but much cooler and 30 minutes earlier.

Practice went well and with no issues. The first race was the formula 2 class and Anthony started from the front row. He got a good start and ended third into T1; a huge improvement from his previous starts. Due to the limited track time we had, Anthony could not fine a good rhythm and was not able to keep the pace of the leaders. One of the fast SV650s of the class caught up to Anthony and took 3rd from him. He tried to fight back, but there was not enough time and he had to settle for 4th.

The 125GP race was next, the most important of the weekend. He also started 3rd and was third into T1. This time he stayed closer to the leading pair, though not close enough to fight with them, but closer nevertheless.

The leading two began to open a gap on Anthony, while Anthony was pulling a gap on 4th place. The race ended as it started with Anthony taking 3rd and climbing onto the podium for the second time in as many races.

There is no more racing with WERA until April. In the meantime we are going to try and get as much track time as possible. Stay tuned.

Infineon can change quickly

Yesterday we went to Infineon’s kart track for some practice. The day seemed to promise another perfect day but Infineon had other plans.

We arrived there around 11:00. Anthony got ready and was on track soon thereafter. By noon the track was in ok condition, but not a good as it could be. The temp outside was around 65, and the track was around 90. But by 1pm the wind began to howl and the track began to cool rapidly.

Infineon has very good traction, but the tires simply were not coming up to temp.

I lowered the tire pressure to compensate, and this helped a little, but it was still too cool.

We ended up focusing on some problematic corners we had. Like T3 and the last corner.

Overall, though we could not go as fast as we’d gone in the past, Anthony had a great time.

For sure, we learned one more thing about Infineon…. She decides when the track is good and when it’s not.