Great weekend at Buttonwillow – WERA Round #4

We had a phenomenal weekend at Buttonwillow at WERA West Round 4.

The weekend almost didn’t happen, but someone was smiling upon us and we were able to get on the track by 2pm.

Practice went really well. Anthony was able to match his previous times during practice and we were confident for the race. Unfortunately, on Saturday, on the last practice of the day he had a small get-off and we had to get to work on the bike.

The crash was a simple low-side, as he was experimenting how how late he could brake into T3. Well, he found out, it was too late. Thankfully nothing happened to him, though the bike took a little tumble and got really dirty.

I cleaned up the bike on Saturday and got it ready for Sunday. Sunday was really windy, and certainly not the great days that Friday and Saturday had been. We were feeling gusts of up to 25mph. Which meant the track was dirty and tricky.

For the Formula 2 race, Anthony was gridded on pole. He got an ok start and was 4th into T1. He had 3 four-strokes in front of him and went to work to get to the front. He made a great move on the outside of Riverside for 3rd place. Riverside is a 100mph right-hand corner. It’s scary stuff. In the same lap he got around 2nd place on the brake into the last corner. He tried to catch the leader but it was too late, the gap was too big.

On the second race, 125GP, he got a MUCH better start and was 3rd into T1. But this time, on the exit of T1 he was already getting around 2nd place. By T3, the leader already had a 1.5 second lead. Anthony did his best to close the gap, but the leader was riding well and it was just too much.

Overall, even considering the crash, we had one of the best weekend so far. In both races Anthony rode well, aggressive and in control. There are things we need to improve, but we are ready for the next event.

Great day practicing

We spent most of the day today practicing at the Infineon Kart track as we get ready for the Buttonwillow event. Yes, it’s a different track, and different bike, but practice is very important and we’ll take it any way we can get it.

The layout of the track was tough. They call it “flip-flop” because you are constantly changing direction.

It’s not the best layout, but for sure it gave you a work-out. There were some sections and things we needed to modify to get good times out of the track. In the end he did pretty good times and we left satisfied with his progress.

Buttonwillow will be fun.

Formula 2 Race

This past weekend, round 3 of the WERA West championship took place. The weather was good, with temps in the 90s on Friday and Saturday. However, Sunday was in the mid 70s, with a high of 78 (at least during our races).

The Formula 2 race was a barn burner. The SV guys were out for blood and they fought as hard as I have ever seen them fight. At one point there was contact between Anthony and another rider.

WERA West Las Vegas Formula 2 Race from Ivan Alonso on Vimeo.