Quick Update

Hey everybody, I just wanted to give you all an update to how things are going with my Blender stuff. I have made these images without help from any tutorials (except this first one; I was learning about fluid simulations and the fluid settings in Blender), while only using reference images and imagination for the modeling. Check ‘em out!

Fruit Splash


A type of bar drink?0003


My dad’s watch0002





Precious updated






Well, with the ring in the previous post, it just wasn’t right. I had made an early mistake and the text on the ring didn’t get wrapped onto the mesh properly, making it curved. So, I did it again, starting from scratch, and made a few tweaks. This is the finished result.



Just finished another drawing of Isaac Clarke from Dead Space and it turned out great. I did the same one a little over a year ago. First one is the one just mentioned and last is most recent. Big difference in detail…..

Sorry, but the camera on my phone is horrible so, yeah, the quality of the images aren’t that good, but enjoy what you can. :)