Just finished another drawing of Isaac Clarke from Dead Space and it turned out great. I did the same one a little over a year ago. First one is the one just mentioned and last is most recent. Big difference in detail…..

Sorry, but the camera on my phone is horrible so, yeah, the quality of the images aren’t that good, but enjoy what you can. :)



Blender Animations and Pictures!!!

Hi everybody, it’s me, Alonso! I have downloaded a program called Blender for my mac. It is used for making animations, games, pictures, etc. I have completed some projects with it and here is how they look… More to come!!! Animations uploaded on Youtube! Here is the link for one of them and be sure to watch in HD!:

curve2 Chain Fruit Splash

Anthony and BayAreaRiderForum.com Racing climbed to 4th in the BSB 125GP Championship

Photo by Barry Clay (https://www.facebook.com/Camraom) Photo by Barry Clay (https://www.facebook.com/Camraom)

Young-gun American, Anthony Alonso, climbed to 4th place in the highly competitive BSB 125GP Championship standings aboard his BayAreaRidersForum.com racing SP125 Honda at Snetterton this past weekend.

The American, having never been to the technical track, struggled on Friday to come to grips with the layout. But as the weekend progressed he continued to make strides towards the pointy-end of the field. “Friday was very tough for me. In the morning I had to break-in a piston, so I spent most of the time just riding around. But I guess that was ok, since I didn’t really know where I was going” said Alonso.

Come raceday, Anthony’s knowledge of the track was coming together and he set the 3rd-fastest time in morning warm-up. Anthony continued “By Sunday I was feeling more comfortable with the track. Morning warm-up was not too bad. The track was a little slippery, but very manageable. Our race was at 2:50pm and I was ready. I have struggled in the past with starts, so my team and I have been working on those. As the lights went out, I got one of the better starts I’ve gotten and I got going well. Everybody bunched up into T1 and I thought I’d go around the outside. Unfortunately my teammate thought the same thing and we both ended up running too wide and lost a few positions”.

“Anyway, I stayed focused and hung on to group 3. That group had very fast bikes, I kept losing time on straight. The track is split up into 3 sections, and I was around 4 mph slower in each. So I had to push hard in braking to make up the time. Well, eventually that caught up to me and I began to run wide. I settled down and put my best lap of the race on the final lap, without a tow. So I was very proud of that. Knockhill is in one week. It’s another new track, but I’m up for the challenge. I would like to thank my team for doing another great job, Steve and Kevin. And it was awesome to have one of my sponsors watch me ride, Iain Hutton.” concluded Anthony.

Sponsored by BayAreaRidersForum.com racing, and supported by Evolution Motorcycles, Arai, Iain Hutton Race Consultant, SaferMoto.com, Road Racing World, Helimot Leathers and Duncan Macmillan, Anthony is based out of Barcelona, Spain and his goal is to break the Spanish-stronghold in Moto3/125GP Racing. Follow him at www.krazycid.com